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Indices of extremes


Indices of extremes

For every SACA&D station, a total of 43 indices have been calculated. Each index describes a particular characteristic of climate change (both changes in the mean and the extremes). A core set of 21 indices follows the definitions recommended by the CCl/CLIVAR/JCOMM Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI). These indices are calculated in a similar way for other regions of the world. An additional set of 22 indices highlights particular characteristics of climate change in Southeast Asia.

To learn more about the meaning and the way each index is calculated see the Indices dictionary.

The menu below allows you to view time series plots for each index and station, to view maps of trends over Southeast Asia for each index, to view maps of index anomalies (with respect to the normal period 1961-1990) for a particular year or season, or to view climatology maps. Every item of the menu offers the option to download the results; the last item is for bulk download.


Time series plots (all available series)

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Trend maps (all available series)

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Anomaly maps (all available series)

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Climatology maps (all available series)

Download indices data (ASCII) (all available series)

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