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SA-OBS gridded dataset


Terms of use

The SACA&D data policy applies. These observational data are strictly for use in non-commercial research and non-commercial education projects only. Scientific results based on these data must be submitted for publication in the open literature without any delay linked to commercial objectives. If you are unsure about the terms "commercial", "research", and "education", please contact the SACA&D staff at for clarification.


Citation and acknowledgement

Whenever you publish research or applications based on these gridded data products, you should include the following acknowledgement and citations.

SAAC-OBS temperature and precipitation:
"We acknowledge the SA-OBS dataset and the data providers in the SACA&D project ("
"Else J.M. van den Besselaar, Gerard van der Schrier, Albert M.G. Klein Tank, Richard Cornes, Aris Suwondo and Iqbal. 2016: SA-OBS: a daily gridded surface temperature and precipitation dataset for Southeast Asia. In preparation"


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